Monday, March 28, 2016

Newsletter Week 69

Hey!!! I hope yall had a super great week!!!
Things here have been so good. Stressful but good.
So so so many blessings! Our investigator got baptized!!!! His wife is a member and they are seriously the cutest couple in the world. I have never met people as in love as them, serious future marriage goal status.. well they just had a super cute little boy too... anyways back to the point. His wife is a member and he is nice and comes to church and even reads from the Book of Mormon, but has never wanted to be baptized a member. He had some serious doubts by hearing some Mormon myths about the book of Mormon and Jose Smith. Well his wife has just loved him through his journey knowing if the church is true, she was so patient even though she often mentioned about her goal about being sealed in the temple with him.
Well we went over on Monday night and had a family home evening, we talked about eternal families and talked to him about being sealed in the temple with his family, he said he really wanted to. We said to prepare to be able to be sealed he needs to be baptized. He agreed to be baptized and got baptized on Friday!! He has been investigating the church so long! And he finally made the decision to put his trust in his faith and leave his doubts behind. Him and his wife were just beaming at their baptism.
Our mission president always talks to us about raising our vision to the temple, and helping our investigators do the same. This week I was able to see the fruits of that. I feel so so so blessed and happy. So many many miracles! :)
Love you all!!!

happy valentines day all:)
One of my favorite members ever:)
The one of the piñata, we were out contacting, and we asked this lately if we could share a 2 minute message of Jesus Christ with her, she told us that she was too busy and preceded to talk for 20 minutes about piñatas she makes... they were super awesome piñatas though!! :)
Rey's Baptism!! :)
Dinner last night: Fish head and baby shrimp rice.. Yummmmm... :) #youknowIloveSeafood


Love, Hermana Parslow

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