Monday, July 27, 2015

Newsletter Week 40

Howdy yall!
How has life been going for yall? Things here have been super good:)
man.. The sun sure does know how to shine in Texas! It has been so
hot!! We go outside and just melt! But we re super blessed to have a
car, cuz this transfer our president has took out 11 cars and put them
on bikes.. So I am pretty happy to have a car:) I wouldn't mind biking
if it wasn't so hot... But it is way to hot for that:) haha
This week Hermana Dryden celebrated her year mark and I celebrated my
half way mark:) thank yall for all your love you sent my way:) yall
are the best:)! We went out to Olive Garden with our district to
celebrate:)! So it's been a super fun week:)
Also this week we had interviews with our president. And can I just
say that President Mortensen and his family are the most incredible
people ever! He is the most inspired man, I am very blessed to have
them as mission parents:) President is always so inspired, and knows
exactly what you need to hear, and sister Mortensen is the sweetest
lady ever:) I love them so much:)
So this week as I was reflecting on the past nine months I realized
how grateful I am for my savior. Through all the many goodbyes you say
on a mission, you never have to leave Christ, he has been here for
every step, he has listened to every prayer, over the last nine months
I think what I have learned most is to trust. To stop worrying about
what I can't control and just trust him. I know he will never forsake
us or lead us down a wrong path.
I love the mission so much, I have learned more here then I could have
any other place. I am excited to learn more over my next nine months..
Haha this week we drove past a sign for a church and it said "exposure
to the Son prevents burning" hahahaha we laughed:) pretty clever
stuff:) well I love yall:) thanks for your emails they mean tons:)
have a great week and don't forget that this week is Fast Sunday;)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Newsletter Week 39

Hey yall!
I hope yall had a great week:)
So to start off we an awesome experience with one of the less actives
this week, we were driving by near she lived and just for the feeling
that we should stop by, and when we got there it turns out that she
was going through a super hard time. She opened up to us and we were
all on the verge of tears.. She asked us why God lets hard things
happen to us, we were able to bare testimony to her that God loved
her, he had a plan for her, and as hard as it to see now that this is
part of his plan. God doesn't want hard things to happen, he doesnt
like it any more than we do, but he can see the whole picture.. He
knows what he is doing and how this will bless us. I am so grateful
that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to let us go
through hard things.
The rest of the week was a little bit slower.. we fasted with one of
our investigators that she could come to church.... But she didn't
come.. So that was a real bummer.
Our other investigator with a baptism date disappeared... Again. So we
don't know what is going on with him...
But we had another lesson with that family.. The one who is like super
super bible savvy.. And they slaughtered us with bible questions...
This week i really learned that I have a lot more to learn. The
mission is awesome at helping you see that. But I wouldn't be Any
where else. I know that this gospel is true. That God loves us and is
aware of our every need and want. :) I hope yall had a super great
week:) and have a fun 24 of July! :) love you all! Have a great week:)

Pics: my district

Monday, July 13, 2015

Newsletter Week 38

Hey yall! So this week was awesome! We had so many miracles:)

So miracle number one, we were leaving a dinner appointment and we
were walking out of the apartment complex when we got the feeling to
go visit an active member that lives in the same complex, so we stop
by and she lets us in, and as we were talking she gets a knock on the
door and her neighbor came over and was having a hard time, so we
started talking to him and he agreed to start taking the lessons! :)

Then we found this awesome family! They are a family of 7, so we went
by and taught them the restoration, me they seemed really interested,
they said that religion has been more of a touchy subject in their
home, so they are trying to find a church where they both feel
comfortable. The husband knows a lot about the bible... Haha so I am
going to have to study up ;) but they all came to church this week,
for all 3 hours! We have another appointment with them tonight:)

And then this week we had an appointment with a less active. And we
were about to go into the lesson we had planned when the spirit told
me that we needed to talk about temples.. But I kind of ignored it,
because we had this other really good lesson planned for her, but the
spirit told me again.. Like super strong that we needed to talk about
temples.. So we did and it ended up being the best lesson of my life!
It was exactly what she needed, and the is now working towards being
able to go to the temple! The spirit is awesome:)

And then the highlight of this week was that MIKE McCORMICK GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!
So this week was pretty great:) I love this Gospel and being a
missionary, I am learning so much about my Savior and how to be more
like him:)

well I love you all:) I hope you have a great week:)

Pics: with the McCormicks at Mike's baptism, me and compie being
nerds.. (Not much has changed;)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Newsletter Week 37

Hey yall, things are going good here.. Not much new. It's been a good
week, we had a lot of less actives come to church yesterday:) which
makes me super happy.. And this week I got this supper cool story
taught to me about the road to Emmaus. So in Luke chp. 24 there is two
men walking and talking bout the savior and his life, (as it was after
the time of his death) and as the were talking of the saviors life a
man came up to them and was talking with them, (it was the savior, but
they didnt recognize him, and didn't know he was resurrected) so the
man spent the day with them and when they had got to their house, the
savior planned on traveling farther, but they asked him to stay with
them in their house for the night.. So that night the savior broke and
blessed bread (which we know is the sacrament) and gave it to them, as
soon as they partook of the sacrament their eyes were opened and they
recognized him as Jesus Christ, and he left from their presence. (Luke
It made me think.. If the savior came and walked with me, would I be
able to recognize him as Jesus Christ? I hope I would, but the thing
that opened their eyes to be able to see was the sacrament. The holy
bread and water we have the opportunity to partake of every week, it
is more important than we think, more important that we realize. It is
essential to keep our spiritual eyes open. I love this Gospel, I know
that Jesus Christ is at the head of this church, and that Sunday is
the most important day of the week, we need to keep it holy. I invite
you all to think of something you can do to make Sunday's a little
more special. I love you all! Have a great week:)

Pic: my new comp, Hermana Dryden and I in our red white and blue on
the 4th showing our country pride:)