Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Newsletter Week 59

I got to go on exchanges to canyon lakes.. My baby area and it was so
fun to see all of the people again, because last time I was there over
a year ago I didn't know any Spanish, and now I could actually have a
conversation with them:)
Theodora is getting baptized this Saturday! I am so so so excited for
her:) I just have so much love for her, I feel like she is a second
grandma to me.. She is 70 and so ready to get baptized, man she is
pretty awesome 💕💕
So cute story, we have this part member family that we go visit often
and this Sunday at church the little boy (he's 6) was begging us to
come over to his house that night.. But we were stocked that night and
didn't know if we could make it.. We told he we might not be able to
and his little face was sooo sad. So later that night when one of our
appointments canceled we decided to go stop by for 15 minutes.. We
knocked on the door and when little Edwin answered his jaw dropped in
awe and he exclaimed "I knew you would come!" And gave us the biggest
purest hug I have had in a long time. It warmed my heart. I imagine
the world if we all loved with the pure love of a child.
This week we are doing a week long no speaking English fast... So we
only speak English to people who don't speak Spanish. And only Spanish
to one another. at first it took a lot of effort but now it flows a
lot better:)
So a miracle for this week:
We were out putting up some English class posters (we are trying to
build up the class) and as we were driving away an older man drove his
car up to ours and asked if the classes were in a church. We told him
that they were and then he said "En su iglesia, alguien podria
bautizarse?" (In your church, would one be able to get baptized) We
were so blown away by his question we almost couldn't find the words
to tell him yes. I know the lord blesses us so much! He told us he has
been atheist his whole life, but now that he is getting old in age he
thinks it time to draw closer to God. A little ironic.. Haha but at
least he is finally ready.
Well I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!

Newsletter week 58

Hey y'all! I hope y'all had a great thanksgiving! Mine here was really good. We went over to a part member house. And it was delicious! They fed us a steak thing and beet salad. Not exactly traditional, but delicious none the less:)
So we set two baptismal dates this week! Super exciting stuff:) both of them were "eternigators" which is someone who investigates the church for a super long time before making the decision to be baptized, so it is super awesome that they are taking this step to be baptized:)
Also Suamy got baptized this week! It was really good and I was asked to speak on the Holy Ghost. The more I learn about the Holy Ghost, the more grateful I am to have Him as my constant companion.
Let me tell y'all a little about Suamy. He came here from Honduras a couple years ago and has completely changed his life around. One day while I was serving in Louetta he found a English class flyer and started coming to our English Class. After a while of being in class the elders started to teach him, but then the ward got split and he came down to the new Ward Jersey Village. And then at transfers I followed him down here! I feel so lucky I got to meet him. He is one of the happiest people I have met, we asked him why he is so happy and he said because he keeps the commandments of God. Me and my companion are trying to convince him to go on a mission:)
Today is the last day of November! Super crazy. The church has this website called Christmas.mormon.org and it is the coolest site ever! And if y'all ever post any social media and #asaviorisborn I can see your post on that sight! It is awesome. And the new videos for Christmas is great. I just love the new website.
Well I love y'all! Hope ya have a super great week:) 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Newsletter Week 57

Hey y'all! Another great week here in good old Texas(:
This week we had a thanksgiving activity for the ward and it went so
well! We had 12 investigators come and many less actives! It was
really fun:)
This week we also got to go to an elementary school and teach dental
health to 2nd graders. They are so cute, and it made me super excited
to be a teacher(:
We also helped one of the part member families in the ward with her
baby shower. We got put in charge of making Panes con Pollo, they were
super delicious and it was really fun(:
I am super duper excited for thanksgiving this week! There is a
scripture that I think is great for the occasion. It is in alma 34:38
"....worship God, in whatsoever place ye may be in, in spirit and in
truth; and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies
and blessings which he doth bestow upon you."
Well things are going great here, I hope you all have a great
thanksgiving day with your families. We are such a very blessed
people(: I am very grateful for y'all and all you do for me! I
wouldn't be here without you(: Les quiero muchísimo! 💕❤️💕

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Newsletter Week 56

Hey y'all! We have pday today because yesterday Elder Packer
(president packers son) toured our mission. It was great! I learned
various things.

"To be grateful is an acquired trait, you train yourself to be a
grateful person."

"The spirit can cover a lot of weaknesses and mistakes"

He also counseled us on marriage and love.. Which was a little
awkward, but I am grateful nonetheless. He said something that really
stuck out to me. He said:

"Real love expects the people they love to BE THEIR VERY BEST!"

I was thinking about that and how that is not what the world teaches
at all. The world tells you that those who love you accept you how
you are. He then compared it to the Savior, who loves us more than
anyone. And what does he say? He says "Be ye therefore perfect.."

True love pushes the other person to be better, and should "expect and
accept correction"

I just wanted to share that with you because I really liked it:) so
please give me all the correction you can:)

But anyhow.. This week has been GREAT! Gloria got baptized Saturday
morning, and then Julio got baptized Saturday night:) the Lord has
been blessing us so much. I feel so blessed to see first hand how the
Lord is preparing his people.

And just one little miracle I wanted to share. So last night we went
to an appointment with an investigator we are trying to help progress
towards baptism. And he stood us up.. So we were like.. Darn it! But
we both felt really strong to go contacting in the apartment complex.
And my comp was like choose a number between 1-15.. And I chose 11 (my
fav number). So we went and contacted that complex and nearly EVERY
DOOR let us in! We ended up getting 6 new investigators. It was such a

I love you all! I am so grateful to out here on my mission! Hope y'all
have a great week(:

Hermana Parslow

Newsletter Week 55

Hey yall! So I got transferred! I don't know if yall remember how I
told ya that Louetta (the ward I was serving in) got split? Well I got
transferred the the new ward that they made. Called Jersey Village..
So that's great:) I get to stay with the same ward members I've been
with for the past 6 months:)

My new companion is Hermana Sumsion. She is super awesome I love
working with her! Haha she is always full of energy, it's great. And
she goes home in December.. So in missionary terms I'm (killing her

The work is going great here! We are working with Julio, and he is
getting baptized on the 14 of this month! And also Gloria who I was
teaching in Louetta is getting baptized on Saturday. So I get to go
back for her baptism:) yay!

And this week we were teaching Suamy, (he had been coming to English
class but is super ready for this gospel) the Plan of Salvation and
extended a baptismal date of Nov. 28 and he accepted! He is so
prepared! He was like "yes! What do I have to do?" I am amazed how the
Lord prepares his children to accept the Gospel.

This week we had Regional Conference which was super awesome. Here are
some of my favorite parts:

Lynn G. Robins talked a lot about how when we simplify our lives we
are happier and healthier. He encouraged us to lower the number of
credit cards we are using, get rid of the clothes in your closet you
don't use and stop worrying/over using social media. He told us
something my sweet mom has always told me growing up that I love.. He
said it In Spanish.. So the translation won't be perfect but the idea
was along the lines of: when you have tons of things, you stop being
able to be the owner of them, and they start being the owner of you.

Elder Dallin H Oaks taught us the four first questions we should ask
ourselves to know if the gospel is true. He said they should be:
1. Does God exist?
2. Is Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer?
3. Was Joseph Smith a true prophet?
4. Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the kingdom of
God here on the Earth?
Any other questions we have can all be resolved if we know the answer
of these 4 questions.

He also gave us four tips about how to help less active members return
to activity:
1. Be their friend
2. Listen to their problems
3. Show them Gods love
4. Give them the confidence they can change.

I heard this quote this week that I really loved:
"Everything people do is either an act of love or a cry for love."

Hermana Parslow

Newsletter Week 54

Hey yall!
I cannot believe the transfer is already over! I am leaving sweet Louetta.
The past 6 months here have gone by so fast! But it has been great:)
Oh and hey the new investigators we found out in the rain last week are progressing super well! We are super excited for them:) I am way sad to leave sis bowman.. I am going to miss her so much! She is a great missionary:)

Well this week went by pretty good. We had the Noche de Hispanidad and all the ward members decorated a table and brought food from their country! It was super sweet. And then they did like a talent show type thing.. And we did this weird dance thing.. Haha it was pretty funny.

So I found a new favorite scripture this week! It is in Alma 5: 26 and it says
"And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?"

I know as members of the church many of us have received powerful spiritual experiences testifying to our spirits that the gospel is true. And those moments changed our lives. But sometimes as time goes on, many of us face challenges and experience struggles that may dim our shining light if we are not careful. And we begin to stop feeling of the redeeming love of the gospel.

I know that we can all feel it again, the gospel is real and brings so much joy into our lives. It will require effort on our part. As I have been trying to apply this scripture into my life this week it has really opened my eyes.. So many things I find myself doing merely out of routine... As I stopped to ask myself the question Alma asked to his people it helps me a lot.. "Can I still feel so now?" Can I still feel the the importance behind the sacrament? Can I still feel the joy in knowing I am in the restored church? And if so what am I doing because of it?

I don't know if it will help any of yall.. But It really helped me:) I love you guys! I know the gospel is true:)

Newsletter Week 53

Hey! I hope yall had a really good week!
This week was a real wet one for us this week.. It rained, rained and
then rained some more! Sister Bowman and I are trying to build back up
our investigator pool and so we had no choice to go out tracting in
the pouring rain. So we bundled up in our rain coats and got to work!
Well about 10 minutes in our raincoats were soaked through and we were
just freezing! We were hoping to possibly pull on the heartstrings of
some of the loving people of good old Houston, Texas.. By having two
young girls soaking wet and shivering cold knocking on their door and
asking to share a message about Jesus Christ.. We thought for sure
some would let us in.
Well that didn't seem to be the situation. We knocked and knocked and
knocked.. And they all turned us away.. Some would just yell through
the door that they aren't interested.. Some opened the door looked at
us sadly.. But then turned us away.
We were feeling very wet, cold and discouraged. After knocking for
over 2 hours with no success we were pretty much ready to give up.
We decided to say a prayer and felt like we should just knock this
last row.. About 12 more doors... Well the first 4 still gave no
rewards.. But the fifth door this sweet looking Hispanic women opened
the door. I explained that we were missionaries sharing a message
about Jesus Christ and nearly begged her to let us in! And she did! We
were able to share much of the Restoration with her and her friend and
are going back this Tuesday!
We are so excited to be able to start teaching them. I know that the
Lord answers our prayers.. Not always in the timing we want.. But
often after we have a trail of faith.. The fruit seems so much
sweeter. I love the mission so much and I am so grateful for the
opportunity I have to try and share it with others.
If you are going through a hard time, remember sometimes it takes 2.5
hours of trudging through the rain before the sunshine comes. God is
aware of our circumstances. He loves us and watches out for us. Have a
great week!

Hermana Parslow

Monday, October 19, 2015

Newsletter Week 52!

Hey yall! I cannot even believe I have been out for a year now! It has
been the most challenging, rewarding, faith building year of my life.
And I wouldn't trade it for anything! Now I just want to live every
last minute of my last 6 months to the fullest!
Thank you all for the birthday emails, cards and packages! I felt all
of your love so much:) I really had a great birthday:) we went out to
mods pizza with my distinct.. Which was delicious! And then we went
and I ate more cake than I have ever eaten in my life. Haha and of
course as Hispanic culture requires I got my face smashed in it too..
Haha:) i love my mission so much! The people here are the sweetest,
kindest, most thoughtful people in the world.
We are working with Miriam and Belzazar to go to the temple! They both
have their recommends and now we are getting family names! I love this
work so much!
I just want to bear my testimony about the importance of the
sacrament. This week I really had my eyes opened, sometimes I find
myself getting too casual in taking of the bread and the water that I
forget what I am really doing. I am so grateful for the sacrifice
Jesus Christ made for us, the bread representing his bruised body and
broken heart and the water representing the blooded shed for each of
his. He loves us so much and the sacrament has such beautiful sacred
symbolism. I hope that we can always remember that it is way more than
a piece of bread and cup of water we are partaking of. I love you all
so much! Have a great week!
Invitation: there is an incredible video about the sacrament called
Always Remember Him (5:37) where Jeffrey R. Holland helps us
understand the significance of the sacrament, I invite you all to
watch it. It would make a great FHE message:)

Hermana Parslow

Monday, October 12, 2015

Newsletter Week 51

Hey Y'all!
How has it been! This week we pretty darn good:)
Hermana Bowman killed it at 8 week follow-up! I am so proud of her:) I
can't believe we are already half way through the second transfer of
training.. I swear she is like training me now:) she is incredible:)
This week we got to go to temple tours with some of our favorite
people:) pictures are attached.
This week we had an awesome miracle going to visit a less
active/recent convert!
She disappeared soon after she was baptized and missionaries haven't
been able to find her since. Since I've been in the area, we have
stopped by her house while we have been in the area, never to have any
reply. This week Hermana Bowman said she wanted to go try by her house
again, I honestly felt a little reluctant, because I thought "I know
she won't answer.. she never does" but we went along with the faith
Hermana Bowman had and went. In the prayer we said before we left the
car, we asked the Lord to give us the faith to be able to find her
there. We got out of our car, walked over to her house and found her
out on her porch!!! It was really faith building to see what the lord
can do when you have just a little faith.. She has been missing for
like 9 months, but the Lord helped us find her:)
Thank you all so so so so much for all the love and support you have
sent me this past week.. I have felt more than blessed! I love my
mission so much! There is no where I rather be:) I love you all so
much and hope y'all have a great week:)

1.Sister Bowman and I reminiscing on our childhood with hubby-bubba
gum while doing weekly planning at the park.
2. Read he sign behind me.. It says "violators will be shot, survivors
will be shot again" #onlyintexas
3. Temple tours! Tomasa! She is my convert back from Waller! It was so
good to see her there!
4. Belzazar and Junior
5. My girl Mercedes:)

Hermana Parslow

Monday, October 5, 2015

Newsletter Week 50

Hey yall! How are you doing? Didn't yall just love conference! How
blessed we are to be guided by such inspired men. I received so much
guidance! I love our dear leaders:)
This week we have 8 week follow ups with sister Bowman, they are going
to make sure I am doing a good job.. Haha. They are going to go over
all of our lesson outlines and have her practice teach. Hopefully all
goes well:)
I absolutely loved Jeffery R Holland's talk! I feel so blessed to have
such a great mother:) I love you mom.

Here are some of my favorite quotes!
And here is a HUGE SHOUT OUT to My bestie of the past 7 years, Kayla Fowers, this week for turning 20! Love ya sista!
Well I hope you all had a super great week! Love you all:)

Hermana Parslow

Monday, September 28, 2015

Newsletter Week 49

Hey y'all! Sorry like literally have no time..
But this week was good, thing picked up a lot faster:) so we are doing
great! I am so excited for conference this week, it will be great! I
invite you all to watch with a question in mind that you want
This week I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the gospel
principles class, and the subject was on obedience, which was great
because earlier this week I was reading the talk by president uchtdorf
called The Gift of Grace (conference May 2015) and it really hit me
about how we are obedient out of love for Jesus Christ! We cannot buy
our ticket to heaven out of our obedience, the grace of God is how we
get in. We are obedient because we love God and Jesus Christ. :) I
invite you all to read that talk! It was soo good:)
Well I love you all so much:) have a great day! And enjoy conference.

Ps One of our investigators is a professional makeup artist and she
did our make-up today.. That is why out make up is so... Make-upy (:

Hermana Parslow

Monday, September 21, 2015

Newsletter Week 48

Hey yall! How isn't going?
This week has been so slow again! Like seriously the Lord is testing
our patience. The cancel bug spread. But we are determined to just
keep working as hard as we can and we know the miracles will come. But
it was funny, we would go knocking in the same neighborhood where we
have success and no one would answer the door, or those who did would
promptly tell us they weren't interested. But hey it's all good, our
investigator George is progressing super well towards his baptism. He
changed his work schedule so that he can come to church every Sunday
And we get to meet miriam(our recent convert) family this Friday! We
are super excited to meet them:) so life is good:) I love the mission,
and I love the lord:) we got transfer calls this week and I get to
stay here in louetta again! It will be my fourth transfer here so I am
pretty pumped:)
Oh and crazy news! So we have been working so hard to build up our
Ward and get it to the sacrament attendance goal of 180, well we
finally start getting it consistently and they split the ward! So now
louetta Ward is being split in half and half of them are leaving. :( I
am going to miss them tons!
Well I love yall! Have a great week(:

Los fotos:
Fuimos boliche con nuestro obispo, su esposa, y los elderes en nuestro barrio.
Haciendo zumba con Miriam:) y muchas otros misioneros.

Hermana Parslow

Monday, September 14, 2015

Newsletter Week 47

Hey yall! This week started out a little slower. But it sped up
towards the end:)
But I learned a good lesson, so I have been studying the Christ like
attributes in preach my gospel, and so at the beginning of his week I
was studying patience... And you know the saying about ask and ye
shall receive.. Well it was true. I decided to pray and ask Heavenly
Father for more patience. Well he definitely answered. That day nearly
all of our super solid appointments canceled, and the canceling bug
spread throughout the week. The baptism of Belzazar got canceled...
Let's just say this week was anything but expected.
But hey I am grateful for the many opportunities I had to practice my
patience this week(:
On the up side our 2 recent converts are doing great! :) I love them
so much and they are such strong members(: their testimony is
Belzazar just got a calling to help in the gospel principles class :)
And Miriam shared her testimony about the joys of sharing the gospel
with her family(:
This morning we went to go do Zumba with Miriam, and it was SOOO fun!
We were there for like 2.5 hours and I'm pretty sure I will not be
able to walk tomorrow! It was super intense:)
This transfer has flown by, I feel like it just started and we are
already on week 6..
I love the mission so much:) and I got to give a talk in sacrament
this week:) they called me an hour and a half before I had to be at
church and asked me to give it.. Haha but it was alright:) gotta love
the mission:)
Well have a great week yall! Love ya:)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Newsletter Week 46

Hey yall! Life in Texas is going pretty swell:) we don't have a lot of
time so I'll have to make this short.. But for a couple highlights of
the week..
BELZAZAR our recent convert got the priesthood! And he is baptizing
his 9 year old son this Saturday:) we are so proud of him!
Also Miriam got confirmed a member this week! She is such a strong
woman! I am excited to see what this gospel has in store for her:)
The gospel is truly amazing and it's converting power is incredible. I
absolutely love being a missionary:)
And this week we had a super awesome miracle! One of the contacts that
we gave a card to with our number actually called us and invited us
over! We went and had a lesson with him and he came to church on
Sunday and loved it! We have a lesson with him tonight and are super
excited for it:)
This week in Gospel principles we talked about tithing. At first I was
nervous because there was 2 investigators who had never really been to
a Mormon church before, and the first thing they learn about is
tithing.. But I was of such little faith! It ended up being awesome! I
am so grateful for the law of tithing. I know that it is a way at we
can show the lord how much we love him.
Well I love you all:) I hope you have a great week!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Newsletter Week 45

Hey yall, how is it going:) it has been a super awesome week here in
Texas! I don't have much time, so I am going to make this short. But
we had the baptism of Miriam this week!nshe is sooo incredible:) I
felt so blessed to be able to help her on her journey:)
Also This week there was 5! Like seriously 5 raccoons in our dumpster
this week... Sister bowman and I freaked out a bit.. But a kind ol
Texas man came up and assured us that it was okay and that they
wouldn't hurt us. :) he was nice.

Well I love you all! I know this gospel is true:) have a great week(:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Newsletter Week 44

Hey yall:) I hope that you enjoyed your last week of summer!! :) 
It has been a pretty awesome week here in Texas, Hermana Bowman and I really found a joy in JoJo's (frozen grapes) They are like delicious.. and healthy too:) I highly recommend them;) So that was pretty great:)
And then we had a zone conference with president this week.. and like always it was SO GOOD! This time he talked about the Priesthood. He gave us a math equation for it.. (mom I thought you would like this;) it is:

P(p)=pw x pa 

Priesthood(power)= Personal Worthiness x Priesthood activity 

If the personal worthiness is a zero, the whole equation equals zero. My mind was like blown... Mom you were right, haha I do use math in every aspect of my life ;) 
But it really hit me about how exactly obedient we are to the Lords commandments is SOOOO important. 

Also flashback moment, so one time 2 weeks ago Sister Reese and I were on exchanges, and we were walking back to our car after an appointment.. it was like 9pm.. and we saw this baby little kitten in the middle of the road! it was all by itself. so we felt really bad and couldn't just leave it there, so we started calling all of the members asking if they wanted a little kitten.. and one of them said they would take it!! pictures are attached:)

Sister bowman and I are pretty excited for this upcoming week, we have Miriams Baptism on Friday:) She is so excited  to be baptized:) I am so excited, and love her so much:)

Also last night we had a fireside.. and there was a missionary choir, so we were singing.. and right before it started the power went out, so we had the whole fireside in the dark... haha we couldn't read our music so we just went off the spirit.. (: haha it was quite the memory maker:) 

Well I love you all! :) I hope that you all have a great this week, and  take advantage of all the missionary opportunities you will have going back to school and meeting a bunch of new people:) 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Newsletter Week 43

Hey y'all:) how has it been for y'all?
Things here have been GREAT! I got my new companion on Thursday, and
she is the sweetest, hardest working girl ever! I love her to death,
her name is Hermana Bowman :) she is from Logan. And she just got in
Texas straight from the Provo Mtc:) we are loving the work here :)
BELZAZAR GOT BAPTIZED! It was pretty much the best day ever:) I feel
so blessed to be able to have seen him change his entire life in the
past month and a half. He is really a new person. He came out of the
water and talked about how he felt different. He felt like a new
person, and he is. He has been bore again. He is such a valiant
servant of the Lord. And he is so excited for his son to learn. :) I
am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for him. missionary
work is so rewarding. I love it so much:)
Annnnd something else awesome happened this week, so for the past 3
months I have been in this area we have been working with this lady
and her son, I seriously love them so much, they wanted to get
baptized but just never come to church. But for the first time ever
they came to church is Sunday! It was such a huge blessing, and she
got to see Belzazar get confirmed:)
This week has been great:) thank yall for all your prayers:) I hope
you have a great week:)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Newsletter Week 42

Hey yall! I hope yall had a great week and are enjoying your last
weeks of summer:) it's been another good ol hot week in Texas! :)
Today is the last day of the transfer, so I have a lot of packing to
do and don't have a ton of time.. So I'll just hit on a few highlights
of this week. :)
So this week we had temple tours and we invited our investigator who
is getting baptized this Saturday, and at the end he told us "puedo
sentir el presencia de Dios aquí" (I can feel the presence of God
here) the spirit was so strong! He is so ready for this gospel, he has
literally changed his entire life over the past month. It has been
such a huge testimony builder that the Gospel changes lives for the
better. It is incredible
And then our other investigator and her family came to church again
this week! They are so awesome! And she is so excited for her baptism,
she is such a strong women, she is getting so much opposition from her
extended family because of her decision to join the church. But she is
so firm, she has received a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true,
and she is a defender of the truth. Her example is so incredible!
I love the people here in my mission so much! I didn't know I could be
filled with so much love for people I hardly know. The mission is
incredible! I just want to end this week with my testimony, I know
with every portion of my soul that this gospel is true, Jesus Christ
truly is at the head leading and guiding this church, and it is the
way for true and eternal happiness. Anyone who reads and prays about
the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart will receive a witness from
the Holy Ghost that it is true, we are in the last days and now more
than ever we need the Lord, we need to prove to him that we will be
faithful to his commandments and be defenders of his truth. It is the
only way to true happiness, and this happiness is promised. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Thank yall for all of your love and support! I can truly feel your
prayers:) I hope you have a great week full of spiritual rich

Monday, August 3, 2015

Newsletter Week 41

Hey! How yall doing? This week was another awesome week! :)
So we have this investigator who is the most awesome guy in the world!
I am so so excited to be working with him, we have been teaching him
for three weeks now, and he has came to church all three weeks, he
quit smoking and drinking coffee, and he just LOVES to learn! He is
seriously a huge blessing. We found him out knocking one day. He is so
humble! His baptismal date is for the 15th of this month. So keep him
in your prayers:) people like him are such a living testimony that God
really does prepare the people you teach. He is so willing to keep the
commandments of the lord. Sunday was the day he did all of his weekly
errands.. This week in priesthood they talked about keeping the
sabbath day holy, so after church he came up to us and told us that he
is going to have to find a different day to all of his errands..
Because he understands Sunday is the lords day.
I look up to people like him so much, he is so willing to follow the
Lords commandments. With such a willing heart. He is someone we can
all learn from, even though we don't understand the reason behind all
the commandments but if we keep them with a willing heart I know we
will be blessed. The church is true. God loves us so much and wants to
keep us safe from the adversaries harm, so he blessed us with
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your love and
support :) have a great week and thank Heavenly Father for
commandments ;)

Us with one of my favorite girls in the world:)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Newsletter Week 40

Howdy yall!
How has life been going for yall? Things here have been super good:)
man.. The sun sure does know how to shine in Texas! It has been so
hot!! We go outside and just melt! But we re super blessed to have a
car, cuz this transfer our president has took out 11 cars and put them
on bikes.. So I am pretty happy to have a car:) I wouldn't mind biking
if it wasn't so hot... But it is way to hot for that:) haha
This week Hermana Dryden celebrated her year mark and I celebrated my
half way mark:) thank yall for all your love you sent my way:) yall
are the best:)! We went out to Olive Garden with our district to
celebrate:)! So it's been a super fun week:)
Also this week we had interviews with our president. And can I just
say that President Mortensen and his family are the most incredible
people ever! He is the most inspired man, I am very blessed to have
them as mission parents:) President is always so inspired, and knows
exactly what you need to hear, and sister Mortensen is the sweetest
lady ever:) I love them so much:)
So this week as I was reflecting on the past nine months I realized
how grateful I am for my savior. Through all the many goodbyes you say
on a mission, you never have to leave Christ, he has been here for
every step, he has listened to every prayer, over the last nine months
I think what I have learned most is to trust. To stop worrying about
what I can't control and just trust him. I know he will never forsake
us or lead us down a wrong path.
I love the mission so much, I have learned more here then I could have
any other place. I am excited to learn more over my next nine months..
Haha this week we drove past a sign for a church and it said "exposure
to the Son prevents burning" hahahaha we laughed:) pretty clever
stuff:) well I love yall:) thanks for your emails they mean tons:)
have a great week and don't forget that this week is Fast Sunday;)