Monday, August 31, 2015

Newsletter Week 45

Hey yall, how is it going:) it has been a super awesome week here in
Texas! I don't have much time, so I am going to make this short. But
we had the baptism of Miriam this week!nshe is sooo incredible:) I
felt so blessed to be able to help her on her journey:)
Also This week there was 5! Like seriously 5 raccoons in our dumpster
this week... Sister bowman and I freaked out a bit.. But a kind ol
Texas man came up and assured us that it was okay and that they
wouldn't hurt us. :) he was nice.

Well I love you all! I know this gospel is true:) have a great week(:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Newsletter Week 44

Hey yall:) I hope that you enjoyed your last week of summer!! :) 
It has been a pretty awesome week here in Texas, Hermana Bowman and I really found a joy in JoJo's (frozen grapes) They are like delicious.. and healthy too:) I highly recommend them;) So that was pretty great:)
And then we had a zone conference with president this week.. and like always it was SO GOOD! This time he talked about the Priesthood. He gave us a math equation for it.. (mom I thought you would like this;) it is:

P(p)=pw x pa 

Priesthood(power)= Personal Worthiness x Priesthood activity 

If the personal worthiness is a zero, the whole equation equals zero. My mind was like blown... Mom you were right, haha I do use math in every aspect of my life ;) 
But it really hit me about how exactly obedient we are to the Lords commandments is SOOOO important. 

Also flashback moment, so one time 2 weeks ago Sister Reese and I were on exchanges, and we were walking back to our car after an appointment.. it was like 9pm.. and we saw this baby little kitten in the middle of the road! it was all by itself. so we felt really bad and couldn't just leave it there, so we started calling all of the members asking if they wanted a little kitten.. and one of them said they would take it!! pictures are attached:)

Sister bowman and I are pretty excited for this upcoming week, we have Miriams Baptism on Friday:) She is so excited  to be baptized:) I am so excited, and love her so much:)

Also last night we had a fireside.. and there was a missionary choir, so we were singing.. and right before it started the power went out, so we had the whole fireside in the dark... haha we couldn't read our music so we just went off the spirit.. (: haha it was quite the memory maker:) 

Well I love you all! :) I hope that you all have a great this week, and  take advantage of all the missionary opportunities you will have going back to school and meeting a bunch of new people:) 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Newsletter Week 43

Hey y'all:) how has it been for y'all?
Things here have been GREAT! I got my new companion on Thursday, and
she is the sweetest, hardest working girl ever! I love her to death,
her name is Hermana Bowman :) she is from Logan. And she just got in
Texas straight from the Provo Mtc:) we are loving the work here :)
BELZAZAR GOT BAPTIZED! It was pretty much the best day ever:) I feel
so blessed to be able to have seen him change his entire life in the
past month and a half. He is really a new person. He came out of the
water and talked about how he felt different. He felt like a new
person, and he is. He has been bore again. He is such a valiant
servant of the Lord. And he is so excited for his son to learn. :) I
am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for him. missionary
work is so rewarding. I love it so much:)
Annnnd something else awesome happened this week, so for the past 3
months I have been in this area we have been working with this lady
and her son, I seriously love them so much, they wanted to get
baptized but just never come to church. But for the first time ever
they came to church is Sunday! It was such a huge blessing, and she
got to see Belzazar get confirmed:)
This week has been great:) thank yall for all your prayers:) I hope
you have a great week:)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Newsletter Week 42

Hey yall! I hope yall had a great week and are enjoying your last
weeks of summer:) it's been another good ol hot week in Texas! :)
Today is the last day of the transfer, so I have a lot of packing to
do and don't have a ton of time.. So I'll just hit on a few highlights
of this week. :)
So this week we had temple tours and we invited our investigator who
is getting baptized this Saturday, and at the end he told us "puedo
sentir el presencia de Dios aquĆ­" (I can feel the presence of God
here) the spirit was so strong! He is so ready for this gospel, he has
literally changed his entire life over the past month. It has been
such a huge testimony builder that the Gospel changes lives for the
better. It is incredible
And then our other investigator and her family came to church again
this week! They are so awesome! And she is so excited for her baptism,
she is such a strong women, she is getting so much opposition from her
extended family because of her decision to join the church. But she is
so firm, she has received a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true,
and she is a defender of the truth. Her example is so incredible!
I love the people here in my mission so much! I didn't know I could be
filled with so much love for people I hardly know. The mission is
incredible! I just want to end this week with my testimony, I know
with every portion of my soul that this gospel is true, Jesus Christ
truly is at the head leading and guiding this church, and it is the
way for true and eternal happiness. Anyone who reads and prays about
the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart will receive a witness from
the Holy Ghost that it is true, we are in the last days and now more
than ever we need the Lord, we need to prove to him that we will be
faithful to his commandments and be defenders of his truth. It is the
only way to true happiness, and this happiness is promised. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Thank yall for all of your love and support! I can truly feel your
prayers:) I hope you have a great week full of spiritual rich

Monday, August 3, 2015

Newsletter Week 41

Hey! How yall doing? This week was another awesome week! :)
So we have this investigator who is the most awesome guy in the world!
I am so so excited to be working with him, we have been teaching him
for three weeks now, and he has came to church all three weeks, he
quit smoking and drinking coffee, and he just LOVES to learn! He is
seriously a huge blessing. We found him out knocking one day. He is so
humble! His baptismal date is for the 15th of this month. So keep him
in your prayers:) people like him are such a living testimony that God
really does prepare the people you teach. He is so willing to keep the
commandments of the lord. Sunday was the day he did all of his weekly
errands.. This week in priesthood they talked about keeping the
sabbath day holy, so after church he came up to us and told us that he
is going to have to find a different day to all of his errands..
Because he understands Sunday is the lords day.
I look up to people like him so much, he is so willing to follow the
Lords commandments. With such a willing heart. He is someone we can
all learn from, even though we don't understand the reason behind all
the commandments but if we keep them with a willing heart I know we
will be blessed. The church is true. God loves us so much and wants to
keep us safe from the adversaries harm, so he blessed us with
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your love and
support :) have a great week and thank Heavenly Father for
commandments ;)

Us with one of my favorite girls in the world:)