Monday, August 24, 2015

Newsletter Week 44

Hey yall:) I hope that you enjoyed your last week of summer!! :) 
It has been a pretty awesome week here in Texas, Hermana Bowman and I really found a joy in JoJo's (frozen grapes) They are like delicious.. and healthy too:) I highly recommend them;) So that was pretty great:)
And then we had a zone conference with president this week.. and like always it was SO GOOD! This time he talked about the Priesthood. He gave us a math equation for it.. (mom I thought you would like this;) it is:

P(p)=pw x pa 

Priesthood(power)= Personal Worthiness x Priesthood activity 

If the personal worthiness is a zero, the whole equation equals zero. My mind was like blown... Mom you were right, haha I do use math in every aspect of my life ;) 
But it really hit me about how exactly obedient we are to the Lords commandments is SOOOO important. 

Also flashback moment, so one time 2 weeks ago Sister Reese and I were on exchanges, and we were walking back to our car after an appointment.. it was like 9pm.. and we saw this baby little kitten in the middle of the road! it was all by itself. so we felt really bad and couldn't just leave it there, so we started calling all of the members asking if they wanted a little kitten.. and one of them said they would take it!! pictures are attached:)

Sister bowman and I are pretty excited for this upcoming week, we have Miriams Baptism on Friday:) She is so excited  to be baptized:) I am so excited, and love her so much:)

Also last night we had a fireside.. and there was a missionary choir, so we were singing.. and right before it started the power went out, so we had the whole fireside in the dark... haha we couldn't read our music so we just went off the spirit.. (: haha it was quite the memory maker:) 

Well I love you all! :) I hope that you all have a great this week, and  take advantage of all the missionary opportunities you will have going back to school and meeting a bunch of new people:) 

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