Monday, August 3, 2015

Newsletter Week 41

Hey! How yall doing? This week was another awesome week! :)
So we have this investigator who is the most awesome guy in the world!
I am so so excited to be working with him, we have been teaching him
for three weeks now, and he has came to church all three weeks, he
quit smoking and drinking coffee, and he just LOVES to learn! He is
seriously a huge blessing. We found him out knocking one day. He is so
humble! His baptismal date is for the 15th of this month. So keep him
in your prayers:) people like him are such a living testimony that God
really does prepare the people you teach. He is so willing to keep the
commandments of the lord. Sunday was the day he did all of his weekly
errands.. This week in priesthood they talked about keeping the
sabbath day holy, so after church he came up to us and told us that he
is going to have to find a different day to all of his errands..
Because he understands Sunday is the lords day.
I look up to people like him so much, he is so willing to follow the
Lords commandments. With such a willing heart. He is someone we can
all learn from, even though we don't understand the reason behind all
the commandments but if we keep them with a willing heart I know we
will be blessed. The church is true. God loves us so much and wants to
keep us safe from the adversaries harm, so he blessed us with
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your love and
support :) have a great week and thank Heavenly Father for
commandments ;)

Us with one of my favorite girls in the world:)

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