Monday, July 27, 2015

Newsletter Week 40

Howdy yall!
How has life been going for yall? Things here have been super good:)
man.. The sun sure does know how to shine in Texas! It has been so
hot!! We go outside and just melt! But we re super blessed to have a
car, cuz this transfer our president has took out 11 cars and put them
on bikes.. So I am pretty happy to have a car:) I wouldn't mind biking
if it wasn't so hot... But it is way to hot for that:) haha
This week Hermana Dryden celebrated her year mark and I celebrated my
half way mark:) thank yall for all your love you sent my way:) yall
are the best:)! We went out to Olive Garden with our district to
celebrate:)! So it's been a super fun week:)
Also this week we had interviews with our president. And can I just
say that President Mortensen and his family are the most incredible
people ever! He is the most inspired man, I am very blessed to have
them as mission parents:) President is always so inspired, and knows
exactly what you need to hear, and sister Mortensen is the sweetest
lady ever:) I love them so much:)
So this week as I was reflecting on the past nine months I realized
how grateful I am for my savior. Through all the many goodbyes you say
on a mission, you never have to leave Christ, he has been here for
every step, he has listened to every prayer, over the last nine months
I think what I have learned most is to trust. To stop worrying about
what I can't control and just trust him. I know he will never forsake
us or lead us down a wrong path.
I love the mission so much, I have learned more here then I could have
any other place. I am excited to learn more over my next nine months..
Haha this week we drove past a sign for a church and it said "exposure
to the Son prevents burning" hahahaha we laughed:) pretty clever
stuff:) well I love yall:) thanks for your emails they mean tons:)
have a great week and don't forget that this week is Fast Sunday;)

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