Monday, July 13, 2015

Newsletter Week 38

Hey yall! So this week was awesome! We had so many miracles:)

So miracle number one, we were leaving a dinner appointment and we
were walking out of the apartment complex when we got the feeling to
go visit an active member that lives in the same complex, so we stop
by and she lets us in, and as we were talking she gets a knock on the
door and her neighbor came over and was having a hard time, so we
started talking to him and he agreed to start taking the lessons! :)

Then we found this awesome family! They are a family of 7, so we went
by and taught them the restoration, me they seemed really interested,
they said that religion has been more of a touchy subject in their
home, so they are trying to find a church where they both feel
comfortable. The husband knows a lot about the bible... Haha so I am
going to have to study up ;) but they all came to church this week,
for all 3 hours! We have another appointment with them tonight:)

And then this week we had an appointment with a less active. And we
were about to go into the lesson we had planned when the spirit told
me that we needed to talk about temples.. But I kind of ignored it,
because we had this other really good lesson planned for her, but the
spirit told me again.. Like super strong that we needed to talk about
temples.. So we did and it ended up being the best lesson of my life!
It was exactly what she needed, and the is now working towards being
able to go to the temple! The spirit is awesome:)

And then the highlight of this week was that MIKE McCORMICK GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!
So this week was pretty great:) I love this Gospel and being a
missionary, I am learning so much about my Savior and how to be more
like him:)

well I love you all:) I hope you have a great week:)

Pics: with the McCormicks at Mike's baptism, me and compie being
nerds.. (Not much has changed;)

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