Monday, September 28, 2015

Newsletter Week 49

Hey y'all! Sorry like literally have no time..
But this week was good, thing picked up a lot faster:) so we are doing
great! I am so excited for conference this week, it will be great! I
invite you all to watch with a question in mind that you want
This week I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the gospel
principles class, and the subject was on obedience, which was great
because earlier this week I was reading the talk by president uchtdorf
called The Gift of Grace (conference May 2015) and it really hit me
about how we are obedient out of love for Jesus Christ! We cannot buy
our ticket to heaven out of our obedience, the grace of God is how we
get in. We are obedient because we love God and Jesus Christ. :) I
invite you all to read that talk! It was soo good:)
Well I love you all so much:) have a great day! And enjoy conference.

Ps One of our investigators is a professional makeup artist and she
did our make-up today.. That is why out make up is so... Make-upy (:

Hermana Parslow

Monday, September 21, 2015

Newsletter Week 48

Hey yall! How isn't going?
This week has been so slow again! Like seriously the Lord is testing
our patience. The cancel bug spread. But we are determined to just
keep working as hard as we can and we know the miracles will come. But
it was funny, we would go knocking in the same neighborhood where we
have success and no one would answer the door, or those who did would
promptly tell us they weren't interested. But hey it's all good, our
investigator George is progressing super well towards his baptism. He
changed his work schedule so that he can come to church every Sunday
And we get to meet miriam(our recent convert) family this Friday! We
are super excited to meet them:) so life is good:) I love the mission,
and I love the lord:) we got transfer calls this week and I get to
stay here in louetta again! It will be my fourth transfer here so I am
pretty pumped:)
Oh and crazy news! So we have been working so hard to build up our
Ward and get it to the sacrament attendance goal of 180, well we
finally start getting it consistently and they split the ward! So now
louetta Ward is being split in half and half of them are leaving. :( I
am going to miss them tons!
Well I love yall! Have a great week(:

Los fotos:
Fuimos boliche con nuestro obispo, su esposa, y los elderes en nuestro barrio.
Haciendo zumba con Miriam:) y muchas otros misioneros.

Hermana Parslow

Monday, September 14, 2015

Newsletter Week 47

Hey yall! This week started out a little slower. But it sped up
towards the end:)
But I learned a good lesson, so I have been studying the Christ like
attributes in preach my gospel, and so at the beginning of his week I
was studying patience... And you know the saying about ask and ye
shall receive.. Well it was true. I decided to pray and ask Heavenly
Father for more patience. Well he definitely answered. That day nearly
all of our super solid appointments canceled, and the canceling bug
spread throughout the week. The baptism of Belzazar got canceled...
Let's just say this week was anything but expected.
But hey I am grateful for the many opportunities I had to practice my
patience this week(:
On the up side our 2 recent converts are doing great! :) I love them
so much and they are such strong members(: their testimony is
Belzazar just got a calling to help in the gospel principles class :)
And Miriam shared her testimony about the joys of sharing the gospel
with her family(:
This morning we went to go do Zumba with Miriam, and it was SOOO fun!
We were there for like 2.5 hours and I'm pretty sure I will not be
able to walk tomorrow! It was super intense:)
This transfer has flown by, I feel like it just started and we are
already on week 6..
I love the mission so much:) and I got to give a talk in sacrament
this week:) they called me an hour and a half before I had to be at
church and asked me to give it.. Haha but it was alright:) gotta love
the mission:)
Well have a great week yall! Love ya:)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Newsletter Week 46

Hey yall! Life in Texas is going pretty swell:) we don't have a lot of
time so I'll have to make this short.. But for a couple highlights of
the week..
BELZAZAR our recent convert got the priesthood! And he is baptizing
his 9 year old son this Saturday:) we are so proud of him!
Also Miriam got confirmed a member this week! She is such a strong
woman! I am excited to see what this gospel has in store for her:)
The gospel is truly amazing and it's converting power is incredible. I
absolutely love being a missionary:)
And this week we had a super awesome miracle! One of the contacts that
we gave a card to with our number actually called us and invited us
over! We went and had a lesson with him and he came to church on
Sunday and loved it! We have a lesson with him tonight and are super
excited for it:)
This week in Gospel principles we talked about tithing. At first I was
nervous because there was 2 investigators who had never really been to
a Mormon church before, and the first thing they learn about is
tithing.. But I was of such little faith! It ended up being awesome! I
am so grateful for the law of tithing. I know that it is a way at we
can show the lord how much we love him.
Well I love you all:) I hope you have a great week!