Monday, September 28, 2015

Newsletter Week 49

Hey y'all! Sorry like literally have no time..
But this week was good, thing picked up a lot faster:) so we are doing
great! I am so excited for conference this week, it will be great! I
invite you all to watch with a question in mind that you want
This week I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the gospel
principles class, and the subject was on obedience, which was great
because earlier this week I was reading the talk by president uchtdorf
called The Gift of Grace (conference May 2015) and it really hit me
about how we are obedient out of love for Jesus Christ! We cannot buy
our ticket to heaven out of our obedience, the grace of God is how we
get in. We are obedient because we love God and Jesus Christ. :) I
invite you all to read that talk! It was soo good:)
Well I love you all so much:) have a great day! And enjoy conference.

Ps One of our investigators is a professional makeup artist and she
did our make-up today.. That is why out make up is so... Make-upy (:

Hermana Parslow

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