Monday, September 21, 2015

Newsletter Week 48

Hey yall! How isn't going?
This week has been so slow again! Like seriously the Lord is testing
our patience. The cancel bug spread. But we are determined to just
keep working as hard as we can and we know the miracles will come. But
it was funny, we would go knocking in the same neighborhood where we
have success and no one would answer the door, or those who did would
promptly tell us they weren't interested. But hey it's all good, our
investigator George is progressing super well towards his baptism. He
changed his work schedule so that he can come to church every Sunday
And we get to meet miriam(our recent convert) family this Friday! We
are super excited to meet them:) so life is good:) I love the mission,
and I love the lord:) we got transfer calls this week and I get to
stay here in louetta again! It will be my fourth transfer here so I am
pretty pumped:)
Oh and crazy news! So we have been working so hard to build up our
Ward and get it to the sacrament attendance goal of 180, well we
finally start getting it consistently and they split the ward! So now
louetta Ward is being split in half and half of them are leaving. :( I
am going to miss them tons!
Well I love yall! Have a great week(:

Los fotos:
Fuimos boliche con nuestro obispo, su esposa, y los elderes en nuestro barrio.
Haciendo zumba con Miriam:) y muchas otros misioneros.

Hermana Parslow

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