Monday, February 23, 2015

Newsletter Week 18

What an incredible week! 

So I went on a ton of exchanges this week, which was super fun!!

So on Tuesday Hermana Tui came here to Waller with me for the day, and then on Wednesday Hermana Reese came here :) It was great. I love exchanges, I always learn so much. We had a lesson with our investigators from Cuba, Georqui and Lorena and it was really good, but he has been googling about what Mormons believe... -_- so that's a problem. But we just explained to him that the only way we can truly come to know what is true is by asking God.

But the real miracle of this week was TOMASA'S BAPTISM!! It was great and the spirit was so strong there. It is so crazy to see how much someone changes after they enter in to the waters of Baptism. My testimony has grown so much by seeing other peoples life change by the Gospel. President Mortensen came and baptized her, it was incredible. After the Baptism the Relief Society had made Tostadas and all kinds of food. So that was great and then Sunday she got the Gift of the Holy Ghost :)

But then to make this week even better, Sunday night we were having a lesson with V, he is from Honduras, and he is awesome! He has been making so many changes in his life and is trying to follow Christ so hard. We had talked about baptism before, but before we went in we felt inspired to ask him to be baptized the following Sunday, we started the lesson with teaching him the five main steps in The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then we committed him to be baptized the following Sunday and he accepted! I am so excited for him and for the changes he is making in his life!

The Gospel is great, it is the only thing that can fill people with true happiness and quench their spiritual thirst. I am so grateful I have been raised with it in my life.

The bummer part of this week, is that transfers are tomorrow, and Sister Coley is getting transferred. I am gonna miss her tons, I have learned tons from her and feel super blessed. But I'm excited to see what is coming next! I love my mission so much and I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity to help people come unto Christ. Love you guys! Thank you for all your love and support!

Love, Hermana Parslow

Monday, February 16, 2015

Newsletter Week 17

Well another great week in the Mission Field! :)
This week we had Zone Conference, we learned how to better teach The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was super awesome:) We are so lucky to have this Gospel in our lives:)

I hope you all had a great one, I seriously had one of the best Valentines day's I have probably ever had. First we went and visited our Investigators and Members and shared the scripture
2 Nephi 1:15 : "But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love. "

I love this scripture so much! In Spanish the end part is "envuelto entre los brazos de su amor" I love this because in Spanish "un brazo" is a hug, so it is saying that the Lord is hugging us in his love. I hope we all feel the love that our Savior is giving us, He is our biggest fan, our number one valentine, he loves us purely and perfectly in a way that we cannot comprehend. We truly are in the loving arms of our Father and Savior.

Then later on Valentines day, we went to Walmart and bought some cookies, then we went to a park near by and handed out cookies and pictures of Christ:) It was the Best Day Ever! Every single person excepted the picture of Christ! That never happens! Christ was blessing us so much, I could really feel his love. :)

Then to finish off this wonderful Valentines Day, we went and sang at Stake Conference, the Spirit was so strong :)
We were asked the question "Where is your spiritual GPS set at? Are we wasting miles? As I was thinking about this it made me think where my end destination is? I want it to be the Celestial Kingdom and Exaltation, I'm sure we all do. Are we taking the right roads to get us there? Are we taking detours that is wasting our precious time here on Earth? If we are I hope we turn around and get back on path, in Alma 34:32 it says that our purpose here on Earth is to prepare to meet God. This is our purpose, if our Spiritual GPS needs some adjusting, let's adjust it.
He also talked about when we go to the Temple we shouldn't be going alone, be your brothers keeper, ask yourself, or call your Bishop and ask him, who would be blessed from a Temple Trip this week. Lift others and you are being lifted yourself. I loved this so much:)

I love this work so much:) The mission is great, I am learning so much about my purpose here on earth and how I can be a better servant for my Savior:)

Love, Hermana Parslow

Monday, February 9, 2015

Newsletter Week 16

So this week was seriously the BEST WEEK EVER!!!
We had miracle after miracle it seemed:) 

Monday I tried "Carneasada" for the first time, which is basically just Mexican BBQ.. But it was delicious!! :) Loved it so much:) We had it with a family that are Investigators and super awesome:) 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we teach an English Class at the church, and usually we have like 4-5 people there... alright well this week there literally was 19 people there!!!!!!!!! We were so excited! We didn't even have enough chairs:) The English Class is super fun to teach:) and then after English class we had a lesson from Georki and Lorena, they are from Cuba and they are way awesome! I just have a super hard time understanding them.. haha.

This week we also visited the Albaron family. I love them so much! They have a special needs boy, and he is just the sweetest soul:) His birthday passed, so I got him the little toy on his lap in the picture:) He makes me heart happy:)

Alright and then Saturday was the Best Day of my mission!! :) Definitely. So we were visiting the a family, the Husband Alfredo was baptized back in December, but his wife Tomasa and his daughter Coral didn't feel ready yet. But Tomasa told us about a dream she had about being baptized and she committed to be baptized the 21 of February!! :):) BEST DAY EVER!!!!! I am so excited for her to take this step in her life:) 

The mission is great! and then also this week while we were driver sister coley gave me a list of people to text to see if we could come visit them. Anyways.. so one of them was Hna Ariceli, well I heard Mariceli, so I texted Mariceli instead of Hna Ariceli on accident. Well she responded that we had the wrong number, but that she had been praying to find a church to go to!!! It was such a miracle! It's amazing how God can take our weaknesses and turn them into miracles:)
Then Yesterday we went to the temple with the Olmos family:) They are a part member family, the daughter is a member, and the mom wants to be baptized but she has to work on Sundays :( So we are trying to find her a new job:)

The mission is great! The true joy I felt when Tomasa decided to get baptized couldn't compare to anything else. I love the work. The Gospel is true.

Love Hermana Parslow

Monday, February 2, 2015

Newsletter Week 15

Hey! So here was another great week! The mission is great, I am really loving this area so much:)
This week we had our 8 week follow up with President Mortensen. So for this we just go and have our lesson outlines looked at and fixed, and then we give practice lessons with President watching to make sure we know how to teach.. haha it was actually really scary! But it was also fun:) President complimented me on my Spanish, so that definitely boosted my confidence:)

8 week follow up with President Mortensen

While we were there, we were in a little devotional thing and President Mortensen said "God doesn't bless Problem Identifiers, He enhances Problem Solvers." I loved that so much! I have definitely been working on being a problem solver, not identifier this week :) 

So Saturday was a way crazy day! We started out the day with going to Hermana Riveras house to make 200 tacos with her! It was super intense:) I have never rolled tacos that fast in my life, I am truly coming a true Latino;) But it was super fun. But then that night we were driving home from a lesson, it was like 9:15 and we saw this car that had crashed off the rode and landed in a ditch. So we got out and went to see if he was okay, turns out he was super drunk and didn't really understand what was going on. He was Hispanic and only spoke Spanish, so it was cool to get to use our Spanish outside of missionary work, but anyways we called the cops to have them come get him and his car.. but he called his friends at like the same time, and a whole bunch of his friends came and got him and towed his car out.. they were much faster than the cops. So that was a cool experience. I'm just glad he didn't hurt anyone else or himself:)

And then Sunday this week was a day of many miracles! :) and plus one of our investigators came to church! :) So that was like! :) Well this week has been super awesome! :) I love the mission and I am so grateful for all of you and all your examples to me. Love you!

Hermana Coley making pupusas

Pupusas, Tiffany says they are really good!

Love, Hermana Parslow