Monday, February 2, 2015

Newsletter Week 15

Hey! So here was another great week! The mission is great, I am really loving this area so much:)
This week we had our 8 week follow up with President Mortensen. So for this we just go and have our lesson outlines looked at and fixed, and then we give practice lessons with President watching to make sure we know how to teach.. haha it was actually really scary! But it was also fun:) President complimented me on my Spanish, so that definitely boosted my confidence:)

8 week follow up with President Mortensen

While we were there, we were in a little devotional thing and President Mortensen said "God doesn't bless Problem Identifiers, He enhances Problem Solvers." I loved that so much! I have definitely been working on being a problem solver, not identifier this week :) 

So Saturday was a way crazy day! We started out the day with going to Hermana Riveras house to make 200 tacos with her! It was super intense:) I have never rolled tacos that fast in my life, I am truly coming a true Latino;) But it was super fun. But then that night we were driving home from a lesson, it was like 9:15 and we saw this car that had crashed off the rode and landed in a ditch. So we got out and went to see if he was okay, turns out he was super drunk and didn't really understand what was going on. He was Hispanic and only spoke Spanish, so it was cool to get to use our Spanish outside of missionary work, but anyways we called the cops to have them come get him and his car.. but he called his friends at like the same time, and a whole bunch of his friends came and got him and towed his car out.. they were much faster than the cops. So that was a cool experience. I'm just glad he didn't hurt anyone else or himself:)

And then Sunday this week was a day of many miracles! :) and plus one of our investigators came to church! :) So that was like! :) Well this week has been super awesome! :) I love the mission and I am so grateful for all of you and all your examples to me. Love you!

Hermana Coley making pupusas

Pupusas, Tiffany says they are really good!

Love, Hermana Parslow

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