Monday, February 23, 2015

Newsletter Week 18

What an incredible week! 

So I went on a ton of exchanges this week, which was super fun!!

So on Tuesday Hermana Tui came here to Waller with me for the day, and then on Wednesday Hermana Reese came here :) It was great. I love exchanges, I always learn so much. We had a lesson with our investigators from Cuba, Georqui and Lorena and it was really good, but he has been googling about what Mormons believe... -_- so that's a problem. But we just explained to him that the only way we can truly come to know what is true is by asking God.

But the real miracle of this week was TOMASA'S BAPTISM!! It was great and the spirit was so strong there. It is so crazy to see how much someone changes after they enter in to the waters of Baptism. My testimony has grown so much by seeing other peoples life change by the Gospel. President Mortensen came and baptized her, it was incredible. After the Baptism the Relief Society had made Tostadas and all kinds of food. So that was great and then Sunday she got the Gift of the Holy Ghost :)

But then to make this week even better, Sunday night we were having a lesson with V, he is from Honduras, and he is awesome! He has been making so many changes in his life and is trying to follow Christ so hard. We had talked about baptism before, but before we went in we felt inspired to ask him to be baptized the following Sunday, we started the lesson with teaching him the five main steps in The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then we committed him to be baptized the following Sunday and he accepted! I am so excited for him and for the changes he is making in his life!

The Gospel is great, it is the only thing that can fill people with true happiness and quench their spiritual thirst. I am so grateful I have been raised with it in my life.

The bummer part of this week, is that transfers are tomorrow, and Sister Coley is getting transferred. I am gonna miss her tons, I have learned tons from her and feel super blessed. But I'm excited to see what is coming next! I love my mission so much and I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity to help people come unto Christ. Love you guys! Thank you for all your love and support!

Love, Hermana Parslow

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