Monday, February 9, 2015

Newsletter Week 16

So this week was seriously the BEST WEEK EVER!!!
We had miracle after miracle it seemed:) 

Monday I tried "Carneasada" for the first time, which is basically just Mexican BBQ.. But it was delicious!! :) Loved it so much:) We had it with a family that are Investigators and super awesome:) 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we teach an English Class at the church, and usually we have like 4-5 people there... alright well this week there literally was 19 people there!!!!!!!!! We were so excited! We didn't even have enough chairs:) The English Class is super fun to teach:) and then after English class we had a lesson from Georki and Lorena, they are from Cuba and they are way awesome! I just have a super hard time understanding them.. haha.

This week we also visited the Albaron family. I love them so much! They have a special needs boy, and he is just the sweetest soul:) His birthday passed, so I got him the little toy on his lap in the picture:) He makes me heart happy:)

Alright and then Saturday was the Best Day of my mission!! :) Definitely. So we were visiting the a family, the Husband Alfredo was baptized back in December, but his wife Tomasa and his daughter Coral didn't feel ready yet. But Tomasa told us about a dream she had about being baptized and she committed to be baptized the 21 of February!! :):) BEST DAY EVER!!!!! I am so excited for her to take this step in her life:) 

The mission is great! and then also this week while we were driver sister coley gave me a list of people to text to see if we could come visit them. Anyways.. so one of them was Hna Ariceli, well I heard Mariceli, so I texted Mariceli instead of Hna Ariceli on accident. Well she responded that we had the wrong number, but that she had been praying to find a church to go to!!! It was such a miracle! It's amazing how God can take our weaknesses and turn them into miracles:)
Then Yesterday we went to the temple with the Olmos family:) They are a part member family, the daughter is a member, and the mom wants to be baptized but she has to work on Sundays :( So we are trying to find her a new job:)

The mission is great! The true joy I felt when Tomasa decided to get baptized couldn't compare to anything else. I love the work. The Gospel is true.

Love Hermana Parslow

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