Monday, July 20, 2015

Newsletter Week 39

Hey yall!
I hope yall had a great week:)
So to start off we an awesome experience with one of the less actives
this week, we were driving by near she lived and just for the feeling
that we should stop by, and when we got there it turns out that she
was going through a super hard time. She opened up to us and we were
all on the verge of tears.. She asked us why God lets hard things
happen to us, we were able to bare testimony to her that God loved
her, he had a plan for her, and as hard as it to see now that this is
part of his plan. God doesn't want hard things to happen, he doesnt
like it any more than we do, but he can see the whole picture.. He
knows what he is doing and how this will bless us. I am so grateful
that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to let us go
through hard things.
The rest of the week was a little bit slower.. we fasted with one of
our investigators that she could come to church.... But she didn't
come.. So that was a real bummer.
Our other investigator with a baptism date disappeared... Again. So we
don't know what is going on with him...
But we had another lesson with that family.. The one who is like super
super bible savvy.. And they slaughtered us with bible questions...
This week i really learned that I have a lot more to learn. The
mission is awesome at helping you see that. But I wouldn't be Any
where else. I know that this gospel is true. That God loves us and is
aware of our every need and want. :) I hope yall had a super great
week:) and have a fun 24 of July! :) love you all! Have a great week:)

Pics: my district

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