Monday, August 17, 2015

Newsletter Week 43

Hey y'all:) how has it been for y'all?
Things here have been GREAT! I got my new companion on Thursday, and
she is the sweetest, hardest working girl ever! I love her to death,
her name is Hermana Bowman :) she is from Logan. And she just got in
Texas straight from the Provo Mtc:) we are loving the work here :)
BELZAZAR GOT BAPTIZED! It was pretty much the best day ever:) I feel
so blessed to be able to have seen him change his entire life in the
past month and a half. He is really a new person. He came out of the
water and talked about how he felt different. He felt like a new
person, and he is. He has been bore again. He is such a valiant
servant of the Lord. And he is so excited for his son to learn. :) I
am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for him. missionary
work is so rewarding. I love it so much:)
Annnnd something else awesome happened this week, so for the past 3
months I have been in this area we have been working with this lady
and her son, I seriously love them so much, they wanted to get
baptized but just never come to church. But for the first time ever
they came to church is Sunday! It was such a huge blessing, and she
got to see Belzazar get confirmed:)
This week has been great:) thank yall for all your prayers:) I hope
you have a great week:)

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