Monday, August 10, 2015

Newsletter Week 42

Hey yall! I hope yall had a great week and are enjoying your last
weeks of summer:) it's been another good ol hot week in Texas! :)
Today is the last day of the transfer, so I have a lot of packing to
do and don't have a ton of time.. So I'll just hit on a few highlights
of this week. :)
So this week we had temple tours and we invited our investigator who
is getting baptized this Saturday, and at the end he told us "puedo
sentir el presencia de Dios aquĆ­" (I can feel the presence of God
here) the spirit was so strong! He is so ready for this gospel, he has
literally changed his entire life over the past month. It has been
such a huge testimony builder that the Gospel changes lives for the
better. It is incredible
And then our other investigator and her family came to church again
this week! They are so awesome! And she is so excited for her baptism,
she is such a strong women, she is getting so much opposition from her
extended family because of her decision to join the church. But she is
so firm, she has received a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true,
and she is a defender of the truth. Her example is so incredible!
I love the people here in my mission so much! I didn't know I could be
filled with so much love for people I hardly know. The mission is
incredible! I just want to end this week with my testimony, I know
with every portion of my soul that this gospel is true, Jesus Christ
truly is at the head leading and guiding this church, and it is the
way for true and eternal happiness. Anyone who reads and prays about
the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart will receive a witness from
the Holy Ghost that it is true, we are in the last days and now more
than ever we need the Lord, we need to prove to him that we will be
faithful to his commandments and be defenders of his truth. It is the
only way to true happiness, and this happiness is promised. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Thank yall for all of your love and support! I can truly feel your
prayers:) I hope you have a great week full of spiritual rich

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