Monday, February 8, 2016

Newsletter Week 68

Hello friends and family!
I hope you all had a great week, not a ton to talk about here. This
week was a crazy one. I had MLC, went on exchanges and had zone
meeting. So talk about crazy busy. Thursday was the first day I
actually had a full day working in my own area. Haha I have been
noticing a pattern I'm not a huge fan of.. So every week of MLC and
zone meeting I always get sick, haha I think it is due to the lack of
sleep.... -_-
But anyhow on to things of a but more importance, our investigator is
doing great for her baptismal date! We shared why we have commandments
and the Word of Wisdom with her, and she committed to try to live it,
but wasn't real convinced. So we are hoping to help her with that:)
We are still on the search for new investigators, but at least we now
have a few that are actually progressing:)
Can I just rant for a minute on how stinkin great Texas is! I
seriously love Houston so much.. If my heart wasn't so set in living
in Mantua, Utah... I might just consider living here. The people are
so incredible:) I love them so much:)
As many of you know, the great Texas Houston Mission lost one of her
Alumni's this week. Please keep the family of Sister Jeppson in your
prayers. <3
Well I'm not sure where the rest of the week went.... But that is all
that is coming to mind.
I love you all! Have. Great week. :)

One of the recent converts made us friendship bracelets.... My heart=full

Hermana Parslow

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