Monday, February 8, 2016

Newsletter Week 67

This week was so full of the spirit!
I have some big news.... Ready for it???
He even told me "Buenos Dias" :D
I was literally so happy... I swear I could feel his testimony through
his hand. ;)
So we had a special missionary conference with him this Saturday, the
three Texas Houston Missions gathered together (all 700 of us) to hear
him. He talked to us for an hour and a half. It was the coolest thing,
when President Nelson spoke he spoke with such a surety of the things
of the gospel, that it felt impossible to be around him and not
believe too.
He was taking to us about the importance of family history work, and
he shared and experience he recently had. If you all remember his last
conference talk, he mentioned him performing heart surgery on the
little girl, the surgery was not a success and the little girl passed
away. Well a few years later the same parents brought their other
little girl with a similar heart problem for President Nelson to try
and perform a lifesaving operation. The little girl did not make it
either. He talked to us about the hardship that was for him and the
two little girls parents life. President Nelson than went on to tell
us that those two girls have recently visited him from the Spirit
World. They told him that they were not sealed to anyone. President
Nelson went on his way to help those two girls be sealed to their
parents. They got sealed this past November. Over 50 years since they
left this life.
He went on to tell us that there are so so so many people in the
spirit world wanting to be helped, and to have their ordinances done
for them, but they do not know how to get help.
We have the key, we can help them! He said something really funny too,
he said that they are very much alive and don't like to be called
dead.. Haha. Never thought of that:)
We also had stake conference on Sunday, and President Nelson spoke to
us all in Spanish! It was the cutest thing in the world! I love him so
much. He spoke to us about the how to have stronger more united
families. He said several things that I really liked, I'd like to
share a few:)
He taught that the Gospel does not replace parents. Taught that
parents should inspire their children, rather than control them. There
was something else I really liked, he said your standing at the bottom
of a ladder, you look up and see all these blessing at the top... Then
he said, blessings don't have feet.... But you do! :)
Well that was pretty much the highlight of my week:) life is super
good:) I love this Gospel, I love my mission.
Have a great week!

One of the missionaries drew this:)

Purple tongues after eating an entire package of blackberries... Yummy! :)

Love them sooo much! :)

Hermana Parslow

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