Monday, February 8, 2016

Newsletter Week 65

This week I learned "it's all about the attitude"
So the beginning of this weeks I'm gonna be honest things were not
going as planned.
There is an investigator we have been working so much with, praying a
fasting for, calling and helping with reading, literally doing
everything we can to help him with his testimony.
Well the whole time he has been struggling with something concerning
the law of chastity.
On Thursday night we went to our lesson with him, and he told us that
he wasn't going to be able to get baptized because he isn't willing to
change his lifestyle to live in harmony with the commandments. My
companion and I were literally heart broken. You could see in his eyes
that he had received his answer from God and that he knew the church
was true, but he wasn't willing to change to live in harmony with it.
We bore strong testimony to him that we know these thighs are true..
He said that he was still going to come to church, but he ignored our
texts and didn't come on Sunday. He is a good person, I really hope
one day he will accept the gospel.
So with the baptism of Fernanda, Victor and Theodora and then him
dropping us we are running super low on investigators, like really
So after feeling super sad all day Thursday, we decided that on Friday
we weren't going to say anything that wasn't positive. And in our
prayers we couldn't ask for a blessing until we had thanked him for 4
things. And our day was great! We knocked so many doors! It was
great:) we honestly felt so happy.
Sunday we decided to do a gratitude fast. The lord blessed us so much.
My testimony grew so much on the power of gratitude. :) I love the
mission so much! I hope y'all have a great week.

Only in Texas do we see... On a nearly regular basis.. People riding
horses down the rode.
Our cute little district! + Suamy
Hermana Parslow

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