Monday, February 8, 2016

Newsletter Week 62

Hey ya'll! :) I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

This week we had the Baptism of Victor!! yay! It was definitely the highlight of the week:) He is so awesome and is going to be such a great member.

So I got to try my hand at making some homemade corn tortillas this weeks. The Hispanics use nothing but their hands.. at first they weren't very pretty... but I eventually got the hang of it.. and can now say that I am pretty good at making homemade tortillas, even the Hispanics approved :) haha

The other day one of our investigators had us over for Lunch and he pulled out these TINY peppers. Like the size of a seed. He told us to try one. The only thing is... we didn't know you weren't supposed to eat it plain! So right away our faces turned red and our eyes watered. It was SUPER spicy, I will most definitely not be eating those again any time soon.

We had the Christmas conference this past week! It was fun to have all of the missionaries in the whole mission gathered together. We never gather together with so many of us at the same time. We sang Christmas Carols, ate dinner, and watched the Nativity. There was a part called Christmas around the world where President Mortensen had the foreign missionaries talk about what Christmas is like in their countries, it was really interesting to hear missionaries from all over the world share their experiences.

I learned something really cool there that I wanted to share:)
So we all know the gifts that the three wise men brought:
Frankincense: used by those who were able to enter into the temple, it was used at the alter of sacrifice. When they burnt it it would emanate a sweet smell that would drift into the entire city. Which would draw and invite others to go to the temple.
Myrrh: Used in burials.
Gold: The finest metal that could be given.
Our Mission President went on to deepen our understanding about the symbolism behind each of these gifts, and how these are still the gifts that the Lords wise servants still give.
Frankincense: Represents sharing the sweetness of the gospel with others, and helping people find their way to the temple.
Myrrh: Is doing the work for the dead.(Family History/Temple Work)
Gold: Our very best efforts, doing all we can to keep the commandments and be faithful members of his church:)
I know as we love the savior we will strive to give him our best gifts!

Christmas Day was pretty good, we opened our presents, and my mom sent like this scripture chase thing, where on each gift there was a scripture written, and you had to look up the scripture and guess what the gift was. We had a blast. And we made Gingerbread Houses with our District:) It was really fun too, And then I got to talk to the family. It was so good to see them all:) I have truly been blessed with a great family:)

Then Christmas Day we went out to do some Missionary work, we ended up finding 2 new investigators! I am really excited to work with them, we went back to their house on Sunday:)
Christmas day we also got to have a lesson with some new investigators that we had found earlier in the week, they said the didn't have family here.. so they decided the invite us over:)

Well life is great!!! I love you all!! Hope you have a great week :)
Sorry this week's is so long... haha just had a ton to share:)

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