Monday, March 28, 2016

Newsletter Week 71

Hey Y'all! I hope you are doing great. This week was a good one:) we
have been so busy! Which is great as a missionary.
 This week we had the baptism of Sandra! Haha what an experience that
was.. She has been so so prepared in her teaching, we had to have some
sort of problem. Let me tell the story:
Sandra's baptism:
So we are super duper excited for Sandra's baptism and we go to the
church to fill up the font and set everything up. So we fill up the
font and all is good. The water is warm, the chairs are in line, the
hymn books are placed this was going to be the best baptism ever.
Anyways members start to arrive and things are looking great. We look
at the font again... About 15 minutes before the baptism was going to
start and there is only 1 foot of water... We tried to find the source
of the problem and realized it was the plug. Let me explain this plug
to you... It is about as wide as a tortilla and exactly as thick as a
tortilla and also about as strong as a flimsy tortilla... So when we
put it over the gaping whole of a drain when the water gets heavy it
buckles under the pressure turns into a taco into the drain, while the
water quickly goes down the drain. So I hike up my dress and brave the
water to try to kindly place it back over the drain. It seems to be a
success. We turn the water back on and pretend that nothing happened.
The baptism starts and during the opening prayer we hear a pop and a
whirlwind of water sound. My comp and I just freeze in our seats. Well
one of our super brave elders decides he will brave the water and go
try to figure it out. So he goes back there and we just sit there
pretending to be calm and listen to the speaker... We hear the gasps
from the elder, and just pray all was going well. After 3 or 4 minutes
the other Elder goes back there to find out what was going on. What
they didn't know is that the room back there echoes so we heard
everything they said. "Elder.... HELP ME." Meanwhile.... The
missionary special musical number comes up. So my Companion, me, and
just one of the elders sang. Poor elder had to sing a solo and was
scared to death, because his comp was occupied with the tank. Well
that went ok. Well the baptism was up and the elder who had went to go
check out the font was still back there.. So I go back to investigate
because the elder was supposed to be a witness. Some go back there and
see the elder IN THE FONT IN HIS SUIT! And he was drenched! He had
jumped in in his suit replaces the plug. Well Sandra gets up to go to
the font, and the sopping wet elder came out just in time to stand as
a witness of the baptism of Sandra in 2.5 feet of chilly cold water.
What a baptism that was.
Well that's about all that comes to my mind when I think of this week.
I have MLC this week, so that should be exciting. Not much more to say
about this week, the time is going by so fast it makes me nervous. I
love y'all! Have a great week:)

Sandra's baptism.
Heart attacking our best friends car
Insanity with our new friends... They renamed me Paris because they
can't say my name.. Haha :)

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