Monday, December 29, 2014

Newsletter Week 10

Hey!! Well first off I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! :) This week was SOOO awesome!! There really is something special to having Christmas out in the field:) And thank you all so much for your love and support. You are all the best! :)

So this week we did a lot of caroling again! It is so fun! :) People are always so excited when you knock on their door and start singing to them haha.. lots of people took pictures and stuff it was awesome! :)

Christmas Eve we went and made breakfast with some of the other missionaries in our area! It was so fun and we ate so much good food:) The Missionaries in this area are so kind and fun. Then we went and did a service project.. We helped one of the members with his garage. We took everything out, built shelves and then put everything back in on the shelves! It was so fun and I totally felt like Bob the Builder... but a female version... ;) I used saws and drills and all kinds of cool stuff.. haha you would be proud Dad:) Then we went and had dinner with the Diaz family it was pretty tasty! they made traditional El Salvadorian Dinner food:) YUMMM! after we got super full there we went to our second dinner appointment of the night to the Penias family!! :) It was also very yummy and she sent us home with left overs too:) So that was great:) The people in our ward are so kind and thoughtful:)

CHRISTMAS DAY!! :) It was super awesome! I got to talk to my family in the morning and that was the best thing ever!! :) They all looked so good and happy:) Made my day. :) Then we visited with the Estrada family and I helped their son set up his new super sweet basketball hoop!! he is awesome! He is 4 years old and can still beat me in basketball... haha. Next we visited the Goosman family, she is a recent convert..we visited for a while and then i went and played Lego's with her kids. They are pretty awesome! :) Next we went to the Torros house for dinner and I ate the best tamales in the world! :) Then we played card games with the family and family friends:) it was a super fun night! And people set off fireworks for Christmas here.. which i thought was weird.. but i guess not.. but anyways it was super fun and pretty to watch:)


Huge shout out to my nephew who turned two this Saturday! Love him to death:) And then this Sunday Roland and Jessica came to church again and we actually had tons of success knocking doors this Sunday. It was awesome, people let us in and set return appointments with us.. which is not super normal, so we were super excited! Well Thank you all for everything! I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a super great new years! :)
Love, Hermana Parslow

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