Monday, December 15, 2014

Newsletter Week 8

It is so crazy.. I am only a couple states away from my home state and often have to remind myself that I am still in America. This is a very different America than I am used to! But it is awesome! The Mission President said that the population is 50/50 on Latinos here. There are a ton of Latinos and African Americans here, not as many white, People are so kind and caring. I love it!

My companion is from Hondorus, so she doesn't have her drivers lisence.. which makes me the designated driver, haha people here drive so crazy. But I am quickly learning how to drive like a Texan:)

Me and Hermana Diaz went on exchanges this week and I was with Hermana Tu'i! She is so so so awesome and she helped me so much!! She is Tongan and has a heart of gold! :)

The language is coming.. slowly but surely.. haha I can now atleast pick up the main idea about what is being talked about, not all the details, but atleast the main point:)

This week we were having family home evening with one of the less active families in our ward, and we talked about faith. We read in Ether 12:4. I absolutely love this scripture. It talks about how faith is our anchor. It makes me think of us being in a boat, our faith is the anchor that holds us in one spot during the storm.. If we have a weak (or light) anchor we are going to be carried away and lost in the storm. We need to have our faith firm in Christ and exercise it daily, so that when the storms do come and the waves beat against us we will know that we are safe.

I love this gospel and my savior! Thank you all for all of the love and support! I hope you are all doing great! :)

Love, Hermana Parslow

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