Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Newsletter Week 56

Hey y'all! We have pday today because yesterday Elder Packer
(president packers son) toured our mission. It was great! I learned
various things.

"To be grateful is an acquired trait, you train yourself to be a
grateful person."

"The spirit can cover a lot of weaknesses and mistakes"

He also counseled us on marriage and love.. Which was a little
awkward, but I am grateful nonetheless. He said something that really
stuck out to me. He said:

"Real love expects the people they love to BE THEIR VERY BEST!"

I was thinking about that and how that is not what the world teaches
at all. The world tells you that those who love you accept you how
you are. He then compared it to the Savior, who loves us more than
anyone. And what does he say? He says "Be ye therefore perfect.."

True love pushes the other person to be better, and should "expect and
accept correction"

I just wanted to share that with you because I really liked it:) so
please give me all the correction you can:)

But anyhow.. This week has been GREAT! Gloria got baptized Saturday
morning, and then Julio got baptized Saturday night:) the Lord has
been blessing us so much. I feel so blessed to see first hand how the
Lord is preparing his people.

And just one little miracle I wanted to share. So last night we went
to an appointment with an investigator we are trying to help progress
towards baptism. And he stood us up.. So we were like.. Darn it! But
we both felt really strong to go contacting in the apartment complex.
And my comp was like choose a number between 1-15.. And I chose 11 (my
fav number). So we went and contacted that complex and nearly EVERY
DOOR let us in! We ended up getting 6 new investigators. It was such a

I love you all! I am so grateful to out here on my mission! Hope y'all
have a great week(:

Hermana Parslow

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