Monday, April 6, 2015

Newsletter Week 24

This week was a good week:) 

Today is Transfers day, and me and Sister Clement are both staying in Waller, but we are moving to a different house, we are going to be living with a member now! So that will be great, we are super excited:) 

Conference was awesome! I loved how much they focused on the family:) I am so grateful to be out here on a mission to learn how to be a better family member, for my family and also for my future family:) 

One of my favorite quotes was from President Uchtdorf "We obey the commandments of God out of love for Him, you will be refined, loved and improved." Keeping commandments isn't easy, but we do it because we love him and if we do He will bless us!

Sorry this weeks newsletter is so short! I love you all and my new address is:

Sister Tiffany Parslow
38860 Wyatt Chapel Road
Hempstead, Tx 77445

Me being terrified of the Chicken, and then getting my cool for the picture..
Sis Clement and I bought cake from a street vender:)

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