Monday, March 30, 2015

Newsletter Week 23

Hey Ya'll! How was your week?
This week was a really awesome week for us here in Waller TX:) 

This week I went to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) and it was awesome! I learned so much stuff to help me to be a better missionary:) Our Mission President and his wife spoke to us, and there was also 2 Men from Salt Lake come and help us grow as a mission. One of the things they said that really stuck out to me was "A good leader is a good learner" I was really thinking about that and realized how true it is. In order to be a good leader, we need to be humble and teachable. 
They also talked to us about the new initiative "He Lives" It is a new Easter Video the church put out, and it is INCREDIBLE! The video can be found at HeLives.Mormon.Org, and they started a new hashtag #BecauseHeLives so if you post anything about it, you can use this hashtag and people investigating the church or struggling could search that hashtag and read your post!
Some Missionary Highlights of the Week:
*We set Baptismal Dates with 2 of our investigators!
*Also we went out with a member this week, and found out that she used to live in our apartment, so when she got there she was like " hey I want to see if it still looks the same!" So we went to go let her in, and couldn't find the house key anywhere. We literally searched everywhere. We didn't find it, but the member said that she would go back track with us to all the places we had been that morning to go and find it. First we went to the house of the investigator we had just left, but had no luck finding it. Then we went to the local college and looked all over there, still no luck. We decided to search one more place, that morning we had met with the Rodriguez family from the spanish branch, who lives in Hempstead, about 20 minutes away. My companion called her and asked her to go look outside in the road where we parked to see if we had dropped it there, and she found it! So we were headed to go get the key at there house, when I looked over and saw Brother Rodriguez walking on the side of the road. We called out to him and told him we were headed to his house because we had left our key there, he asked for a ride and explained that his truck just got a flat tire and he left his phone at home so he was planning on walking ALL the way home. So we got to give him a ride and get our key back. This experience really strengthened all of our testimonies so much, the Lord's timing is perfect!
*Favorite quote from my comp. Sister Clement this week "God gave us families to strengthen us and give us guidance, so we're not like a dog without an owner or a golf ball without a hole"
* I experienced my first "Crawfish Boil" haha so Crawfish is like a little... well I think it's like a bug.. because it lives in the dirt in swampy areas, but I guess it's like a Shrimp Lobster like thing. Anyways so I tried my first one this week! They just like boil the whole thing whole, and then you take it out, pull it in half, suck out the head, and then pull out the meat in the tail... take in to mind that I don't even like any sorts of seafood... haha it was quite the experience. They have a saying that goes with it that goes something along the lines of "Pull it, suck it, shuck it, eat it... Yummmm" It tastes really fishy.. but it honestly wasn't that bad:) The people here like rave over how great crawfish is.. haha so I had to try it:)

This week was also General Women's Conference as I'm sure you know. But I just wanted to share some of my favorite parts. "Heavenly Father only has 2 desires: Immortality and Eternal Life for his children" Because he wants this for us, he has given us families. I loved when the children sang the song "The Family is of God" I was so blessed with such an incredible family. Thank you for your love and support you have given me all of my life. Thank you guys for everything! This week I hope you all have a great Easter and Conference weekend and remember the wise words from President Eyring "Joy always comes after sorrow".

-Hermana Parslow

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