Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Newsletter Week 20

Hey! So this week was good, it rained a ton!!

We went to get to know a lot more of the English Ward members, they are all so kind and all have such a great spirit. Some of them told us about some of the trials they have faced in their life with death and sickness. While listening to their story I was so touched by them. It really put into perspective how small my problems and worries are. It amazed me how just a different view could make my problems seem so small. I truly was reminded how very blessed I am this week. I have been given so much and have so much to be grateful for:) 

Also this week we got involved with all kinds of service activities! Now several times a week we are going to do service at local locations. This Saturday we got to pass out food to struggling families, it was such a blast! and then we have 3 more service activities planned for this coming week working at non-profit thrift shops. We get to organize clothes and all kinds of stuff, I am so excited! :)
So this week we had Zone meeting and we were reading in Alma 58 and there were some things that really stuck out to me:) 

So in this part of the scripture the 2000 Stripling Warriors are fighting against an innumerable amount of Lamanites. It talks in verse 9 how they were embarrassed because they were such few. We know the story how they fought the Lamanites and the Lord gave them a great victory.
Sometimes I think we often feel like a raindrop of good fighting off an ocean of evil, but just as the Stripling Warriors had a great victory so can we. And the Lord has told us how, in chapter 57:21 it talks about them obeying every commandment with exactness. Can you imagine what kind of blessings we would receive if we obeyed every commandment with exactness?? That would be pretty awesome I think:) And then I love 58:10-13; if we pour out our heart to the Lord, he will give us strength, peace to our souls, hope for our deliverance in Him, courage, determination, and might:) I love the scriptures so much! :) This scripture helped me a ton:) I hope it can help you guys too.

So ya.. life is pretty great here in the field:) I love it here in Waller and Sister Clement is the BOMB.COM!!!

Love, Hermana Parslow

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