Monday, April 13, 2015

Newsletter Week 25

This week was awesome!
Highlight of the week was definitely having 3 of our investigators come to church!

We have been meeting an Inactive in the ward from Liberia, she is so awesome! But anyways we have been meeting with her the last couple of weeks and this week when we got there she introduced us to her Great-Granddaughter. So we started talking with her to find out that she used to take the missionary lessons when she lived in California. As we started talking to her we found out that she already has a ton of knowledge of the Gospel, we invited her to come to church this sunday and she came! We set up a baptismal date with her for May 9th. We are super excited to continue to work with her!
The other investigator who came is the mom of a recent convert. She has a lot of health problems, and still made it a priority to make it to church. The faith of these great people is really so inspiring to me, I feel so blessed to be able to work with them. We have a baptismal date set with her for April 26th. She is so excited to be baptized, it makes me so excited! She often bares her testimony of how she know that being baptized will help her become closer to Jesus Christ. She truly is an incredible lady.
The third investigator that came to church this week is also incredible. She too has many health problems and has a difficult time leaving her home. She took the faith to come to church this week, I am so inspired by all of these people. We are so blessed with good health, it is not physically difficult for us to get up and go to church, we have so many reasons to go. This sweet investigator had expressed her fear of leaving her home, and she still came. What an example for all of us. She has a baptismal date for June 6th.
I love my mission, I am seeing this Gospel change peoples lives. Think of the change it has made in you? Who would you be without it? It is our responsibility to share this amazing message of the Restored Gospel with others. Thank you all for all of your love and support to me on my mission. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

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