Monday, April 20, 2015

Newsletter Week 26

This week was awesome!! This newsletter is going to be a little bit shorter, because we don't have very much time today. But I want to tell you about a couple highlights of the week!

So we have been teaching this girl, she is a cheerleader at Prairie View College and has the sweetest spirit ever! This week we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation and it was crazy how ready she was to receive it! She loved the Spirit world and how God gives people a second chance to accept him. She was blown away by the whole plan and it was really a blessing to be apart of it! It made me so happy to be a missionary! I felt so blessed to be able to be the person who got to share all of this exciting stuff with her! We invited her to be baptized and she accepted and set the date for the 9th of May! :) the day before Mothers day! ;) So that will be a super great weekend. She came to church this sunday and experienced her first LDS Service. The members here are so loving and helped her to feel so welcome! I am so blessed to be here serving out here! 

I love you all so much, I know that this church is true and I am seeing it change lives. I hope we all take the opportunity to share the Gospel with all those we come in contact with! I am so grateful for it in my life. I know that our Savior loves us, he lives and he is with us in every moment. Thank you guys for all of your support you have given to me on my mission! :)
Have a great week!

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