Monday, January 12, 2015

Newsletter Week 12

Well super short newsletter today, cuz I don't have much time.
This week has been good:) I have been studying Charity and Christ like love:) and there is so much we can learn from our Savior and the way he loved people:)
I went on exchanges with Sister Coley this week and we went up to Waller, This area is like super in the country and just my kind of place!! :) I loved it! :)
This week during church we learned about temples. And he did a super cool comparison. He said: If you want to get to know someone where do you go? You go to there house, you talk to them and learn more about them. It is the same with our Heavenly Father, if we want to get to know Him and learn more about him we should go to his house, the Temple and study him and learn how he feels."
I loved that!! :) I hope the temple is a priority for everyone and we make it a goal to visit often!
Well I love you guys and hope you are all having a great week!

Hey, So I actually am getting transferred tomorrow! So don't send any letters or packages to this address. I will tell you my new address a soon as possible:) Thank you for all your love and support! Love you so much! Sister Diaz said she will give me all the letters that you have already sent that come this address. Thank you love ya!

Love, Hermana Parslow

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