Monday, April 25, 2016

Newsletter Week 78

Hey y'all! I hope you are doing great. Things are good here in Texas!
We got a ton of rain last night and everything flooded... Not to
mention that the fire alarms of our entire apartment complex were
going off all night.. Haha but due to all the rain our baptism had to
be postponed until Wednesday.
This morning we went out to check on the car.. It was fine we just
pulled it onto the curb, and then we walked down the roads.. In some
points the water was up to my thighs! Crazy stuff. I am going to miss
good old Texas rain season.
This week went really good, we went to our investigator who is getting
baptized on Wednesday 25th birthday party. It was a blast! I love the
people here so much. He has literally changed his life so much to be a
member of this church. I know that the gospel changes lives for the
better and helps us find true happiness. <3
I love ya all! :) I love being a missionary:)

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