Monday, October 12, 2015

Newsletter Week 51

Hey Y'all!
How has it been! This week we pretty darn good:)
Hermana Bowman killed it at 8 week follow-up! I am so proud of her:) I
can't believe we are already half way through the second transfer of
training.. I swear she is like training me now:) she is incredible:)
This week we got to go to temple tours with some of our favorite
people:) pictures are attached.
This week we had an awesome miracle going to visit a less
active/recent convert!
She disappeared soon after she was baptized and missionaries haven't
been able to find her since. Since I've been in the area, we have
stopped by her house while we have been in the area, never to have any
reply. This week Hermana Bowman said she wanted to go try by her house
again, I honestly felt a little reluctant, because I thought "I know
she won't answer.. she never does" but we went along with the faith
Hermana Bowman had and went. In the prayer we said before we left the
car, we asked the Lord to give us the faith to be able to find her
there. We got out of our car, walked over to her house and found her
out on her porch!!! It was really faith building to see what the lord
can do when you have just a little faith.. She has been missing for
like 9 months, but the Lord helped us find her:)
Thank you all so so so so much for all the love and support you have
sent me this past week.. I have felt more than blessed! I love my
mission so much! There is no where I rather be:) I love you all so
much and hope y'all have a great week:)

1.Sister Bowman and I reminiscing on our childhood with hubby-bubba
gum while doing weekly planning at the park.
2. Read he sign behind me.. It says "violators will be shot, survivors
will be shot again" #onlyintexas
3. Temple tours! Tomasa! She is my convert back from Waller! It was so
good to see her there!
4. Belzazar and Junior
5. My girl Mercedes:)

Hermana Parslow

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