Monday, October 19, 2015

Newsletter Week 52!

Hey yall! I cannot even believe I have been out for a year now! It has
been the most challenging, rewarding, faith building year of my life.
And I wouldn't trade it for anything! Now I just want to live every
last minute of my last 6 months to the fullest!
Thank you all for the birthday emails, cards and packages! I felt all
of your love so much:) I really had a great birthday:) we went out to
mods pizza with my distinct.. Which was delicious! And then we went
and I ate more cake than I have ever eaten in my life. Haha and of
course as Hispanic culture requires I got my face smashed in it too..
Haha:) i love my mission so much! The people here are the sweetest,
kindest, most thoughtful people in the world.
We are working with Miriam and Belzazar to go to the temple! They both
have their recommends and now we are getting family names! I love this
work so much!
I just want to bear my testimony about the importance of the
sacrament. This week I really had my eyes opened, sometimes I find
myself getting too casual in taking of the bread and the water that I
forget what I am really doing. I am so grateful for the sacrifice
Jesus Christ made for us, the bread representing his bruised body and
broken heart and the water representing the blooded shed for each of
his. He loves us so much and the sacrament has such beautiful sacred
symbolism. I hope that we can always remember that it is way more than
a piece of bread and cup of water we are partaking of. I love you all
so much! Have a great week!
Invitation: there is an incredible video about the sacrament called
Always Remember Him (5:37) where Jeffrey R. Holland helps us
understand the significance of the sacrament, I invite you all to
watch it. It would make a great FHE message:)

Hermana Parslow

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