Monday, June 29, 2015

Newsletter Week 36

Well another transfer is come and gone and my sweet companion, Hermana
Reese is leaving the area. I'm super sad.. She was awesome. But i
actually already know who my new companion is going to be.. So the
deal is..well our mission went from like 270 missionaries in our
mission when I got here to about 180 missionaries now. So in the area
of Louetta, where I am currently serving they had 3 pairs of
missionaries... Last transfer they took one pair out, and this
transfer they are taking another pair out, so our split area of
Louetta is now becoming one HUGE area.. And I am staying with one of
the missionaries from the other area and we are moving to their
apartments... And now the area of what 6 missionaries used to do is
getting done by me and my new comp hermana Dryden.. I am kinda
stressed about that... But hey we got it:) we will never be bored
But this week has been really good! We got a 2 new awesome
investigators with baptismal dates for July 25... It is a mom and her
11 year old son.. The only thing is is that the dad isn't quite on
board yet with letting them.. But she said that she thinks he will
soften with time. But keep them in your prayers please!!:)
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!! My new address is:

12331 N Gessner Dr.
Apt. 814
Houston TX 77070

Hermana Parslow

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