Monday, May 18, 2015

Newsletter Week 30

This was a crazy week! and I am getting Transferred and so i don't have like anytime to email this week. But the weather has been super crazy!!

I am sad to be leaving Waller and Sister Clement, it really feels like home here, but i am excited for my new area and companion.

I have learned a ton here..

haha and this morning we woke up to a Tornado Warning, and Flash Flood warnings.. it was super crazy outside.. the sky was like green... but all is well:) We just spent the morning at the Eberhards house, cuz our apartment is on a second floor. haha it was quite eventful. 

Well the work here is awesome! I love my mission so much!

Ps.. Happy Birthday Staci, Dad and Grandma Parslow! :)

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