Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Newsletter Week 59

I got to go on exchanges to canyon lakes.. My baby area and it was so
fun to see all of the people again, because last time I was there over
a year ago I didn't know any Spanish, and now I could actually have a
conversation with them:)
Theodora is getting baptized this Saturday! I am so so so excited for
her:) I just have so much love for her, I feel like she is a second
grandma to me.. She is 70 and so ready to get baptized, man she is
pretty awesome 💕💕
So cute story, we have this part member family that we go visit often
and this Sunday at church the little boy (he's 6) was begging us to
come over to his house that night.. But we were stocked that night and
didn't know if we could make it.. We told he we might not be able to
and his little face was sooo sad. So later that night when one of our
appointments canceled we decided to go stop by for 15 minutes.. We
knocked on the door and when little Edwin answered his jaw dropped in
awe and he exclaimed "I knew you would come!" And gave us the biggest
purest hug I have had in a long time. It warmed my heart. I imagine
the world if we all loved with the pure love of a child.
This week we are doing a week long no speaking English fast... So we
only speak English to people who don't speak Spanish. And only Spanish
to one another. at first it took a lot of effort but now it flows a
lot better:)
So a miracle for this week:
We were out putting up some English class posters (we are trying to
build up the class) and as we were driving away an older man drove his
car up to ours and asked if the classes were in a church. We told him
that they were and then he said "En su iglesia, alguien podria
bautizarse?" (In your church, would one be able to get baptized) We
were so blown away by his question we almost couldn't find the words
to tell him yes. I know the lord blesses us so much! He told us he has
been atheist his whole life, but now that he is getting old in age he
thinks it time to draw closer to God. A little ironic.. Haha but at
least he is finally ready.
Well I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!

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